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Storm Water Management (SWM) product functions as a sediment forebay. Keeping more than 50% of sediment from entering the pond

SWM graphic pic-6.19-jpg.jpg

Vacum the SWM Shield once every 6 years. Clean the pond once every 40.

SWM Shields are placed in the forebay of a stormwater pond.


Using the same properties as our patented CB Shield, water must run across a series of grates before reaching a pond


 Sediment falls between grates and fills the basin before water reaches the pond.


Water eventually spills over into the pond, but pollutants and sediment stay behind


What starts off nice

will need to be maintained

SWM Shields offer many advantages in maintenance when compared to a standard sediment pond

maintaining a standard pond vs swm shield


Steps to cleaning a pond:

1.Hire an engineer to survey the pond

2.Calculate volume to remove. Often over excavating by as much as 20%

3. Get required permits (may be as high as 7)

4. Contractor begins work, and may have to account for protecting fish in pond.

5. Deal with mess in surrounding neighbourhood

6. Account for complaints of nearby residents.

7. Restore damage done by construction equipment



Steps to cleaning a SWM pond:

1. Check sediment depth through 4" slots and manhole covers

2. Determine if sediment has reached the maximum depth of 1200mm (on average 6-7 years)

3. Drive vacuum truck beside SWM shield on access road

4. Remove manhole covers spaced every 8'

5. Decant water into pond 

6. Truck away vacuumed sediment

WOW ! was that ever easy..

When to install a swmshield?

SWM Shields can be placed in ponds at the initial excavation period, or as a retrofit. 

We recommend that if you're already having to excavate to clean the pond out, dig a little deeper and put a SWM shield in the forebay while you're there

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