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In the lab

third party test  REsults

The control unit scoured out 65.5% of the sediment. The CB Shield unit only scoured out 2.7% of the material. That makes for a huge difference in performance and water quality. The sediment tested was as per ETV specifications and was very fine. 35% less than 20 um. 

videos from the lab


The catchbasin was loaded with 100mm of sediment and then had various flows pass through the units to see how much scouring would occur.

Two tests were done, one with a standard catchbasin and the other with a standard catchbasin with a CB Shield inside.

In this video, clean water enters the standard catchbasin, but you can see the a large amount of sediment being washed out.


The video above demonstrates a high flow rate with a CB Shield in place. 

With 60 L/s of water flowing through the outlet pipe, the lab demonstrates how even in very high flow situations, a shield will not restrict water flow leaving the catchbasin. 

University of toronto testing

Two units were installed in early December 2014 on the campus to begin a year long field study. One control unit was cleaned part way through the study which then put it down to one CB Shield and one control unit.


CB Shield captured 47 times more sediment by weight then the control unit. The study was done under the guidance of Professor Jenn Drake. For more info see the U of T poster on the technical info page.

proven results

As CB Shield continues to grow and branches out to new cities, we continue to be tested with positive results. See below for what results have been so far.

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