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catch basin manhole shield

Our unique catchbasin manhole design, allows water to bypass from inlet pipes not affecting the treatment area of the unit. Meanwhile water entering the unit through the frame and grate is isolated and treated before exiting the unit. 

The advantage is that it helps to keep the unit smaller thus reducing footprint and sizing costs. 

The application for this unit is where there are catchbasins on one side complete with CB Shield of the road and catchbasin manholes with our manhole insert will effectively turn each structure into a treatment system.  


Flat caps must be off to install inserts. 

Click here for drawings.

side inlet shield

Following the same patented principles of our CB Shield design, these products are installed for side inlet grates to better treat incoming stormwater.

Best used in parking lots, these units would function as a first line of treatment of water running off surface level before entering a bioswale or LID application.

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